The way we work

Perun Tours is a consultancy company whose primary business is to connect the tourists with the local providers of tourist services (such as hotels, tours, excursions, entertainment and others). We (Perun) do not own or provide those services - we provide the convenience of researching the local market and selecting the activities that we believe will be of interest to our customers. We base the selection on many factors, but the quality of service is the most important criteria. Our goal is not to be the cheapest, but to provide the best value for complete customer satisfaction.

Service Delivery

The services displayed on our site are provided by our suppliers (i.e. service providers). When you find a service that you like, you book it (or add it to your shopping cart). We will then ask you to provide your contact information and we will send you a confirmation for booking the service. At the same time, we will contact the service provider to check the availability (as most of the services are off-line) and reserve the activity. We then create and send you an invoice to the provided email address, that you will need to pay before we finally book the activity for you. You can make the payment through the link contained in the message. The payment confirmation should reach you within 24 hours of receipt of the payment. Once we receive your payment, we confirm your booking with the service provider and we send you the information how to access your service.

Customer Satisfaction

The services that are provided on our website have been tried and tested by the Perun Tours team and have been selected based on the service quality given by the service provider. We aim to work only with the providers that have satisfied our criteria and have not had customer complaints. Our team works diligently to avoid any causes for dissatisfaction, but we are aware that mistakes happen - in which case we will be more than happy to receive your feedback and improve our selection of services. Still, it is important to understand that Perun Tours can not be held responsible for the quality of service given by the provider; we will do our best to ensure that every customer receives the best value, but ultimately the responsibility for the service quality is with the provider of that service. Your feedback will be instrumental in the improvement of the selection of service vendors, as our goal is to work only with the best service providers.

Service Cancellation

You can cancel your booking at no charge any time before paying your invoice. After you have paid the invoice the service is registered with the provider, and in that case you can contact us to try and cancel the service up to 48 hours before the booked date. We will check with the service provider if that is possible. In some cases the service provider does not allow service cancellation, while in others it may be possible with a fee. We will do our best to work with the service provider to help you with the cancellation, but we can not guarantee that it is possible.

Payment refunds

Once you have paid your invoice, the funds are transferred to the service provider and any refunds are at their discretion. All services are considered non-refundable, unless otherwise stated. For refundable services, the refund may be granted in two cases:

  • If a refundable booking is cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the service date, and if the service provider agrees to the cancellation. In this case, the service provider may keep part of the payment. Perun Tours will charge 10% of the service price.
  • If Perun Tours has booked a wrong or unwanted service. In this case, the payment will be refunded in full.
Refunds will be made only through the Original Mode of Payment. Please allow up to 45 days for the refund transfer to be completed. This period is variable and depends on your bank and credit card issuer.

Perun Tours will not grant a refund in case the customer is dissatisfied by the quality of service; in this case, we can only convey the reason for dissatisfaction to the provider who is responsible for the service and in case when complaints are valid and repeated, we will stop working with that provider.

Service Availability Provisions

The properties advertised on this website reserve the right to change the availability of their dates, prices and services, as well as the availability of their amenities (pools, beaches, restaurants, gyms and other spaces) without prior notice to Perun Tours at any time, even after the booking. Perun Tours is not responsible for such changes. Any refunds will be considered according to above described refund policy.