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Cruise the world with Perun Tours!

A change of latitude

Will help your attitude!

Vacation on a cruise ship is the ultimate expression of traveling, in which the whole family can partake. Going from port to port and visiting multitudes of beautiful cities in a single vacation is a unique experience. And to compensate for long sailing times, the luxurious ships offer all kinds of amenities to make the time to by in an instant.



Arabian Gulf Cruises

Sail through the Gulf on a high note

Get onboard a luxury cruise liner and sail through the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf. Visit various ports in the UAE, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain. Best enjoyed during the winter months (October to April).

Packages of 3 to 7 nights with leading cruise companies (MSC, Costa, Norwegian and others).


Mediterranean Cruises

Discover the Mediterranean in luxury

Thinking of a summer vacation but can't decide between more places? Easy: You don't need to decide! The Mediterranean cruises offer a great value where you visit multiple amazing destinations in one single trip.

Cruise from 3 to 7 nights and more with the cruise company and itinerary of your choice.


Asia and Asia Pacific

Enjoy the bounties of the Orient

There is no bad time to visit Southeast Asia and to cruise among the beautiful oriental ports! See Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries the way you have not seen them before!

Cruise from 3 to 7 and more nights through the amazing islands of South Asia.

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